Todoist Template Builder

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Enter a list of tasks in the text area above

To create a sub task, prefix the task with a space or tab

To create a sub sub task, prefix the task with 2 spaces or 2 tabs.

You can add up to 5 spaces or tab characters, as Todoist supports up to 5 levels of task indentation.

Click Create Template to create a Todoist Project Import File

You will be to import directly to Todoist from this application or, if you untick the option box above, save the template file locally.


To add a date to task, put the date as the last piece of text on the line, prefixed with `

Deliver presents to children `2017-12-25


To add a note to a task, start the line with a ` (backtick)

The note will be applied to the task immediately before the note line


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